Annual Report

To learn how Buchanan Hall performed in 2014, please read the letter from our president below or download the annual report for more details.

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Stormy Stokes Hood, President

Dear Friends,

Since 1933, Buchanan Hall’s charitable 501(c)3 mission has been to provide the community with an affordable and attractive place to hold events. I want to thank outgoing President Kathleen Chovnick for achieving this mission and for placing Buchanan Hall on a more sound footing during her two-year term.

Buchanan Hall played host to a wide range of events through the year, from happy proms, graduations and parties, to helpful lectures and clinics, to inspiring services and performances, as well as to more somber celebrations of the lives of several friends to whom we said goodbye. It is a place where the community comes together for some of its more important moments.

In addition, I am happy to report that, thanks to the community’s many generous donors, Buchanan Hall transitioned from an operating deficit in 2013 to a surplus in 2014. This was not an easy task, however, requiring a “special” mid-year appeal in May to pay the bills and keep the community center open.

Our goal for 2015 is to make our best efforts, with help from community members, to pay down the mortgage, the balance of which now stands at $247,000. If we can achieve this, then beautiful Buchanan Hall will remain a wonderful place to gather for a generation to come.

Thank you again for your continued commitment and support for this unique historic gem.


Stormy Stokes Hood, President